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Devils Backbone is providing everything you need to host an Oktoberfest Haus Party! We’ve got it all! Check the link to our Haus Party Spotify Playlist! Learn how to taste a beer like a pro! Follow along as Chef Dale walks you though some authentic recipes! You could win a ceramic stein or lederhosen koozie! Are you ready for the ultimate Oktoberfest Haus Party? Eat! Drink! Prost!


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How to Taste Beer Like a Pro

  • How to Taste Bier Like a Pro

    There’s a lot more to drinking beer than…just drinking it. To really appreciate the craft behind the beers you’re about to enjoy, here is how we suggest tasting each one.


    Mouthfeel: Incorporates the body as well as textural components, such as the silky perception, dryness, and carbonation.
    Balance: The interaction between the hoppy and bitter characters, the malty and sweet characters, the fermentation flavors, the alcohol warming effects, and the body of the beer.
    Roasty: Having flavors of roasted grains, including coffee, chocolate, and char.
    Head: The qualities of the foam on the beer. Can be fluffy, meringue-like, dense, or possibly rapidly dissipating. Color can be white to brown.
    Nitro/Nitrogenated: A beer that uses a large amount of nitrogen gas in addition to carbon dioxide to achieve a unique mouthfeel with a cascading effect when poured.
  • Step-by-Step

    STEP 1

    The first step of tasting a beer is assessing its appearance.  What color is it? Is it light straw, deep gold, amber, or black? How much foam forms as it’s poured and what is the color and texture of that foam? Is it clear and bright, or does the liquid have hazy glow?  These are all questions to consider while judging the appearance of your beer.

    STEP 2

    Next, we move on to the aroma. As the main driver of flavor, the aroma has a lot to do with how we perceive the beer. Bring your nose to the glass and take a few short sniffs.  Next, cover the glass with your hand while lightly swirling the beer to release the aroma.  Take your hand off the glass and take a deep inhale.  What do you smell?

    STEP 3

    Finally, sip and evaluate the texture and body of the beer as it contacts all parts of your mouth. Note the flavors that come forth. Keep the aftertaste in mind as the flavors linger or diminish.

  • Keep these characteristics in mind

    COLOR, BODY, FLAVOR, and ROMANCE are the four characteristics our brewers like to consider while sampling each beer.

    If you’re up for the challenge, you’ll have an opportunity after each video to test your tasting skills and compare your CBFR notes to the notes of our brewers!

    After all this prep, we think you’re ready to crack open your first beer!

Check out these Oktoberfest Recipe Videos


Beer. Cheese. Soup. It really doesn’t get any better than that! Pairs well with Vienna Lager.



You can make this spicy & delicious Veggie Curry even if you’re not in a hurry. Either way, it’ll take about 30 minutes. Pairs well with the spices in München On Pumpkin!


You can actually make this recipe wearing whatever you want. Skirt, pants, kilt. But we don’t recommend socks, it’ll knock those right off. Crack open an O’Fest to complete this tasty combination!

Danke for joining us!

Now you are ready for your very own Haus Party! Don’t forget to bring the DB beer with you! Come back anytime, we’ll be partying it up all season long! Auf Wiedersehen and Prost!