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OUR APPROACH TO BEER IS making beer you want to approach

Well, well. Thanks for stopping by. If you know us or don’t, here’s a little introduction to Devils Backbone Brewing Company. As a brewery, you’ll find we like to stick to a handful of, let’s call them principles, in what we make here.

First, we’re inspired by traditional brewing styles, but you’ll notice we might throw in a tasteful left turn here or there. Second, since we’re surrounded by nature and are pretty big outdoors aficionados, we generally like to stick to beers on the sessionable side so your rucksack or bike’s the only thing weighing you down. And thirdly, we love to make true-to-style beers, mostly lagers. You can call us a lagerhouse if you want, but we’re not big on being pushy ‘round here.

So that’s it. Hope you like what you see on here. And stop on through anytime you’re around the Blue Ridge Mountains. We promise we’ll pour you something delicious.